Samsung support page suggests foldable smartphone launch may be imminent

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It appears the day Samsung launches its mythical foldable smartphone is fast approaching.

Searching “Samsung Galaxy X” on the company’s official Korean support website generates a page (seen below) associated with the model number “SM-G888N0.” SM-G888 has frequently been associated with the Galaxy X, the rumoured name of Samsung’s first foldable display smartphone, in past rumours and reports. Most notably, it showed up in September when an unannounced Samsung smartphone passed through Korea’s National Radio Research Agency for certification.

Galaxy X support page

The fact that Samsung has a support page for the Galaxy X, even if it’s only a placeholder currently, likely indicates a launch is weeks, not months, away. The one thing to note here is that the model number includes the sequence “N0,” which in the past has designated the South Korean version of a device. It’s likely too early to read anything into the inclusion of “N0” in the Galaxy X’s model number, but some publications are speculating that the smartphone may be a South Korean exclusive, or at the very least that it will launch in South Korea first.

The timing of the support page going up is certainly encouraging. Samsung Electronics president of mobile DJ Koh said at a September 12th press conference that his company planned to launch a foldable smartphone in 2018.

That said, Samsung has been working on foldable display mobile devices for the better part of the decade, so it’s best to temper expectations.

Just in the last year, Samsung reportedly planned to show off a foldable smartphone to members of the media during a closed doors presentation at Mobile World Congress in February. In 2016, a Samsung Display executive told attendees of the Future:Mobile conference that foldable smartphones were right around the corner.

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