Instagram now allows you to request to join friends’ live videos

Instagram iOS app

Back in October, Instagram rolled out a feature that allows users to invite friends to join in on their live videos.

Now, you can request to join other people’s live videos by tapping the new ‘Request’ button found in the comments section. A confirmation will be received once the friend accepts the request, and you’ll be given a moment to prepare before joining.

Instagram Live video

The screen will split in half for both you and your friend to share the stream, and you can leave whenever you’d like.

Those hosting their own live videos can manage requests from friends who want to join by visiting their stream’s comments section. Tapping the ‘View’ button will open the specific request, which can then be accepted or declined.

The total number of requests will be displayed in red font alongside a new icon with two smiley faces.

The new update is part of Instagram version 24, which is now available on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Instagram