Lyft gains permit to test self-driving cars in California


Ride-hailing app Lyft is now able to test self-driving technology in California, joining a roster of the top autonomous vehicle companies in the world.

Lyft, which is set to arrive in Toronto and Hamilton by the end of 2017, announced its self-driving ambitions in July, stating: “We believe it’s inevitable that this is where the world is going.”

Now that it’s on the California DMV’s list of permit holders, it’s unclear whether Lyft plans to test its own proprietary technology, or the hardware and software of one of its partners. Lyft’s self-driving partners include Ford, General Motors, Waymo, Drive.ai and Jaguar Land Rover.

In comparison with Uber, Lyft is behind in the self-driving game, but it certainly better at getting self-driving permits than its notoriously aggressive competitor.

Uber refused to pay a permit for testing self-driving cars in California, arguing that its technology was akin to Tesla’s autopilot tech, and didn’t fall within regulation. Eventually the Californian DMV revoked the licenses of the company’s self-driving fleet, forcing Uber to obtain the permit.

Source: California DMV Via: The Verge