Facebook testing Snapchat-esque ‘streaks’ feature in Messenger

Facebook has a history of taking ideas from Snapchat.

Earlier this year, the company borrowed Snapchats ephemeral ‘Stories’ feature — photos or videos that disappear in 24 hours —  and added them to its Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp platforms.

The company also introduced Snapchat-esque face filters, hashtag stickers and rewinding video to Instagram in May.

Now, it seems like Facebook is going to continue that pattern by aping Snapchat’s ‘streaks’ messaging feature as well.

With streaks, users are encouraged to continue to message their friends back and forth to keep a conversation going. As with streaks on Snapchat, Facebook streaks include a lightning bolt emoji to signify who is currently in a streak with the user.

It’s currently unclear how many people have access to the streaks testing or how they were selected to begin with. However, Twitter user Case Sandberg discovered the streaks testing when he started using Messenger, and since then, other users have also said they’ve spotted the feature pop up as well.

Via: The Verge