Translation is made easy with Snap & Translate [App of the Week]

Snap and Translate app on phone

We use the cameras on our phones for a great many things — selfies, videos, augmented reality games and the like. With the premium Snap & Translate iOS app, you can add translation to that list of smartphone camera features.

Using your phone’s camera, you can take a picture of text or objects for the app to scan and translate into one of 46 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Italian and Hindi.

Snap and Chat app

The app is able to recognize text on paper or on a screen, and I didn’t experience any trouble scanning with either method.

Object recognition, meanwhile, works similarly well; I scanned a picture of my dog, and the app registered her appropriately as a canine in Spanish and other languages. It’s a useful tool if you want to know what you’d call a specific object in another language.

Snap and Translate app

Translations appear in text form or they can be read out to you via an in-app text-to-speech tool. Translations can also be copied to your phone’s clipboard or shared with others through Facebook, Twitter Whatsapp, email and other platforms.

The Snap & Translate app can be downloaded on iOS for $13.99 CAD.