Some Samsung users are experiencing intermittent texting issues on Telus’ network


Some Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S7 users on the Telus network are having intermittent texting issues.

One Note 8 user, Deepak Anand, tells MobileSyrup that over the past two months, the Telus network has failed to deliver messages to him on three separate occasions from another Telus customer.

Anand also tweeted an internal Telus Support document that he says he received directly from a technical support supervisor.


The document states the issue is occurring for some customers with S8 and S7 devices as well as some Note 8 users, and recommends switching from the Android Messages app to the Samsung Messages app.

Telus’ Twitter support account replied to the tweeted image by questioning whether Anand had followed the instructions in the document. Anand reports he has followed those instructions, and has also tried troubleshooting with Samsung Canada, both to no avail.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Telus for comment.

Update 27/11/17: Telus has provided MobileSyrup with the following comment: “As you mentioned our support team is aware of the issue and are currently looking into it further. We are working with our partners at Samsung to determine the cause. We will update you further once more information is available.”

Correction 28/11/17: Telus has informed MobileSyrup that it in facts recommends switching from the Android Messages app to the Samsung Messages app, rather than vice versa. The article has been updated accordingly.

Update 11/12/17: Telus says Samsung has issued a software update to fix the issue, and has published an article outlining the fix and the issue here.