Instagram now lets you colour on your friends’ photos

It's time to add fluorescent doodle sunglasses to your friend's selfie


In what seems like an effort to encourage users to send more private messages on Instagram, the social media platform has added a new feature called ‘Remixing’ via a recent update.

Remixing allows users to edit a friend’s photo that’s been sent through a direct message, including the ability to add text, doodles and even fun stickers. The image can then be sent back along with an additional photo of yourself, superimposing one image on top of the other. Instagram repliesIn a somewhat strange way, this allows you to make your friends photo seem like it’s part of the staged scene you created. You can also control how many times the image can be viewed by your friends by selecting between ‘one view’ or ‘allow replay.’

While a harmless, amusing feature that’s designed to be relatively private, as always it’s possible for someone to screenshot a Remixed image and share it more widely.

Instagram says that this Snapchat-esque update is available now on iOS and Android. For what it’s worth, the update hasn’t arrived on either my iPhone X or Pixel 2 XL yet.

Source: Instagram