Amazon patents self-destructing drone tech for use in emergencies

Amazon drone with package

Amazon’s delivery drone ambitions go as far back as 2013. Over the years, the company has launched numerous tests and patents for new drone technology, including airborne fulfilment centres and parachutes for dropping packages.

Now, Amazon has been granted a new patent on tech that would enable its drones to self-destruct in the event of emergencies like drone failure.

Specifically, the patent mentions the “directed fragmentation of unmanned airborne vehicles,” which is intended to break a descending drone into smaller pieces to reduce the chance of causing injury or damages on the ground.

According to the patent, flight controllers would analyze the path of a falling drone while analyzing factors such as terrain and flight conditions to determine the best way for dismantlement.

For now, Amazon uses traditional delivery services for the tens of thousands of orders it receives every day, but patents like these give a glimpse into how the company may operate in the future.

Via: Engadget