Qualcomm uses Palm patents in attempt to get iPhone X banned in US

Apple sues Qualcomm, Qualcomm sues Apple: the two powerhouse companies are still at war with one another and this time, the latter is at it again. Qualcomm is filing a suit against Apple for infringing on Palm Pre patents.

This past Wednesday Qualcomm filed three complaints in the US District Court which stated that Apple has infringed on multiple Qualcomm patents, including some first developed at Palm.

In 2014 Qualcomm purchased many Palm patents from HP, some of which were design choices used in WebOS. The suit states that Apple is in particularly looking at the ‘cards’ interface used in switching between apps, as well as the ability to reply to a call with a text; refocusing the camera by tapping the display; and having the home button support multiple actions.

Qualcomm is suing in the hopes of having Apple banned from selling the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X in the States.

Qualcomm’s patent mentions that, without these technologies, Apple’s products would lose much of their appeal. Many of these functionalities are in fact quite regular to see on any smartphone, but it makes sense if Qualcomm is taking things a little personally.

Within the past year Apple filed a $1 billion USD suit against Qualcomm over a royalty dispute, claiming the company is charging for royalties Qualcomm had nothing to do with.

In addition, Apple is already trying to build their own in-house software chip, so that it no longer requires Qualcomm’s help.

Source: AppleInsider