Samsung patent reveals palm scanning technology for delivering password hints

Samsung is considering using palm reading — er, scanning — to deliver password hints, reveals a World Intellectual Property Organization patent recently unearthed by GalaxyClub.

In detailing how the technology works, the patent says users take a picture of their palm with the front camera of the phone in order to receive a password clue that’s actually hidden in the lines of their hands.

In the example, the company shows the password ‘ABHL’ split up and attached to at odd angles to the lines in a person’s palm. This ostensibly helps trigger one’s memory.

It makes sense that, for now, the technology is focused on password hints rather than unlocking, since picture verification is easier to hack than a depth-sensing solution. Still, it’s more difficult to procure a photo of someone’s palm than their face, reducing the potential for hacking.

As with all patents, it’s yet to be seen whether this will ever make it to the market — but it’s an intriguing new authorization concept that, if it goes public, would add to Samsung’s already robust slate of options, including iris scanning, facial recognition and fingerprint sensing.

Source: WIPO Via: GalaxyClub, SamMobile