Facebook’s new ‘Did You Know’ feature aims to help you learn more about your friends

Facebook app on phone

Sometimes, the best way to get to know people better is through making small talk. Facebook’s new “Did You Know” feature looks to help with just that, allowing users to answer random questions to help their friends learn more about them.

To play the “social game,” go to your Profile page and select ‘Answer Question’ from the bottom of the ‘Make Post’ options. Did You Know is accessible on both desktop and mobile versions of Facebook.

Facebook Did You Know question

It’s unclear just how many questions are included in the feature, but they certainly vary greatly in terms of subject matter and include:

  • “the most random photo on my phone right now is…”
  • “the scar I have with the best story is…”
  • “the funniest person I know is…”
  • “my favourite sound is…”

These can be shared using the same coloured backgrounds that Facebook offers for regular posts. Other users will be able to view your collection of Did You Know answers on your profile, which are displayed as friends lists and photos are organized.

As TechCrunch points out, the Did You Know feature is reminiscent of tbh, the popular teen social app that encourages users to talk positively about other people by asking similarly random questions. The similarities make sense, given that Facebook acquired tbh in October.

Via: Engadget