Apple’s iMac Pro will launch in Canada on December 14

iMac Pro

Apple announced its long-overdue high-end iMac Pro this past summer at WWDC, but until now, it’s been unclear when the powerful desktop would launch.

Now, however, we know that Apple will start selling the iMac Pro, which starts at $5000 USD (approximately $6346 CAD), on December 14th, both in Canada and the U.S. Configurations for the desktop can go all the way up to an astounding $17,000 USD (about $21,891 CAD).

iMac Pro

It’s possible to configure the iMac Pro to come with an 18-core Xeon processor that features a 42MB cache and can max out at 4.5GHz with Turbo Boost. The desktop also features a Radeon Pro Vega graphics card with 8GB or 16GB of high bandwidth memory, along with 128GB of RAM and a 27-inch 5K display.

Apple.ca is now home to a landing page dedicated to the iMac Pro, with a listing that indicates the ultra high-end desktop is set to arrive in Canada on December 14th.

Source: Apple Via: iPhoneinCanada