Google Lens engineer promises new software updates are coming

Google Lens

Google Lens is a somewhat new feature that allows Pixel 2 users to snap photos and then have the smartphone supply information related to what’s visible in that particular image.

In a recent thread on Twitter, Artem Russakovskii and an engineering lead for Google Lens, Rajan Patel, quickly discussed a few upcoming updates to Google Lens.

Shopping with Google Lens could be very useful, as taking pictures with the technology has the ability to allow users to compare the prices at two retailers with just an image. Optical character recognition (OCR) may also allow Lens to recognize text in a different languages, or understand other special characters.

It’s unknown what exactly Patel means when he mentions “experimental AR experiences,” however, Google recently brought Star Wars and Stranger Things AR stickers to all Pixel devices. 

Source: Rajan Patel, Via: Android Police