Samsung users are happier with their phones than iPhone customers, says report

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the bushes

Are you happy with your iPhone? Well, that might not be a shared sentiment.

According to LikeFolio’s analysis of consumer opinions on Twitter, Samsung Galaxy device owners are happier with their smartphones when compared to their iPhone user counterparts.

LikeFolio utilizes social data to measure how positively consumers feel about their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device. The dips in the chart (seen below) indicate whenever users are unhappy with their device. The chart shows off how Samsung experienced a number of dips over the course of the last year.
LikeFolio chart

Very large dips are evident when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came out, which makes sense given the disaster that device turned out to be for the company, while the iPhone stays mostly consistent at around 60 to 70 percent positive sentiment.

This year’s line of Samsung devices, however, appear to be viewed more favourable in the eye of consumers, with Samsung taking the lead over the iPhone once again.

Looking at the most recent statistics, Samsung and Apple users are both unhappy with their devices. Most recently, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8 and Apple dropped the iPhone X, with Apple’s flagship smartphone experiencing issues like becoming unresponsive in cold weather.

Conversely, the Galaxy Note 8 reportedly experience random freezes when opening specific apps.

Via: Yahoo