Number of Facebook Messenger conversations doubled in 2017

Facebook Messenger

Messenger, once just an inessential appendage to Facebook, has come into its own as one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms — and its 2017 usage data shows just how far that scope extends.

Messenger says there are over 7 billion message conversations taking place everyday on average in 2017, twice the number that took place daily in 2016. Of those, there were 260 million new threads on average per day — meaning messages sent to a new contact or someone they’d never before messaged.

The platform also doubled its video chat numbers from 2016 with 17 billion video chats, including one that took place in Antarctica.

As for group chats, there were 2.5 million new chat groups created every day in 2017 on average, with the average number of people being 10.

Delving into the wide world of emoji and GIFs, Messenger also noted that Canadians alone sent over 5 billion emoji — which pales in comparison to the U.S.A.’s 35 billion emoji. In total, people shared over 500 billion emoji in 2017, or 1.7 billion per day.

In terms of methodology, Messenger says it captured its data between January 2017 and November 2017.