Synaptic announces plans to show off under display fingerprint sensor at CES

the iPhone 7's fingerprint sensor

Synaptic’s new under display fingerprint technology is set to be shown off at CES 2018, in partnership with one of the top five smartphone manufacturers.

The technology, called Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensors, allows the sensor to sit completely under a device’s display, something both Samsung and Apple are reportedly still working towards with their devices, but haven’t managed to perfect.

According to Synaptics, the company’s Clear ID sensors work just like a regular fingerprint sensor; tapping on the front of the display causes the device to immediately recognize the user’s fingerprint. Clear ID sensors also allow devices to feature thinner bezels and also prevent smartphone manufacturers from moving the fingerprint sensor to the rear of the device (like Samsung).

Synaptic under display

Synaptics says the sensors are in currently mass production, though it won’t specify which manufacturer the company is working with. Synaptic does state the term “Infinity Display,” when referring to the mystery device’s slim bezels, a branding term that’s typically associated with Samsung.

The latest reports, however, indicate that Samsung’s Galaxy S9 will not be revealed at CES. The other four of the top five smartphone OEMs are Huawei, Apple, Oppo and Xiaomi. We can cut out Apple from the list, leaving three possible manufacturers.

In that case, hopefully it’s the next Huawei P series smartphone, or we may not get to see the under display technology in Canada until later in the year.

Via: Android Police