Pre-orders for the Ataribox have been delayed

Ataribox header

Pre-orders for the mysterious Ataribox were suppose to go live today, however, the company sent out an e-mail stating that it’s taking longer than expected,” to create the platform and ecosystem the Atari community deserves.”

Atari wants to make sure its mysterious product — that it hasn’t announced any games for yet — satisfies its customers and will not set up pre-orders for the console until it fixes its issues first. A new launch plan will be announced at some point in the next few weeks, and the company wants to keep Ataribox supporters informed.

A final price hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the company expects the cost to range between $249 and $299 USD, which amounts to about $308 and $370 CAD. Although early supporters on the company’s Indiegogo campaign may receive a discount.

The Ataribox is to feature an AMD processor and a Linux operating system, with the goal of competing with retro-consoles like the SNES Classic.

Source: Engadget