BlackBerry Messenger now has an Uber-hailing option in some Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries

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BlackBerry Messenger users can now hail Ubers through the messaging platform — but only in Indonesia, other parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The messaging platform may no longer have many North American users (eliciting various incredulous headlines from American press) — but it still has a following in the countries listed above.

The platform, which now operates as part of a strategic alliance between a division of Emtek, one of Indonesia’s largest media companies, reportedly has over 100 million installs on Android, iOS and Windows (according to the BBM.com website).

The Uber hailing function in BBM makes use of Uber’s web-based m.uber app, which is optimized for lower quality connections and phones.

To hail a car, users can open the BBM app, then the ‘Discover’ menu where there’s an Uber Ride icon to select.

Source: BBM via Twitter Via: TechCrunch