Samsung to unveil Galaxy S9 in late February, says Bloomberg


Samsung will debut the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in late February, according to a report from Bloomberg.

This new report, written by publication’s Mark Gurman and Ian King, is significant insofar as it corroborates a previous report from Korean-langauge news publication the Bell, which stated Samsung planned to debut the S9 on February 27th.

In addition, like the Bell, Gurman and King write that Samsung is currently on track to start shipping the S9 and S9+ to consumers as early as March. Should Samsung stick to that timeline, it will end up releasing the S9 ahead of when it released the S8 in 2017.

With Bloomberg corroborating earlier rumours, it’s almost guaranteed we’ll see Samsung announce the S9 either at Mobile World Congress or a separate event of its own making in or around the annual telecom conference in late February.

Citing unnamed sources, the outlet also includes a bit about the device itself. “The new phones will be similar to the current Galaxy models, but include upgraded camera systems,” write the two reporters.

This aligns with what we’ve heard about the S9 and S9+ through previous reports, which is that the two phones will likely be iterative updates on Samsung’s current S-series lineup.

Source: Bloomberg