Two-thirds of Canadian subscribers watch Netflix content in public

Air travel is also the most popular setting for watching Netflix in public

Netflix app on iPhone

U.S.-based streaming giant Netflix has released a survey about Canadians’ consumption of content in public, and most of us seem to be more than comfortable with watching movies and television shows outside the comfort of our homes.

According to Netflix, two-thirds of Canadians watch Netflix “on-the-go,” with 57 percent of Canadians saying that air travel is when they’re most likely to watch something on the streaming service.

Interestingly enough, 45 percent of those Canadians watching Netflix in public report that they’ve caught other people around them snooping on their programs. Additionally, 20 percent of so-called “public bingers” have reported feeling ashamed for what they were watching.

Perhaps that’s a sign that people shouldn’t watch Joe Swanberg’s Easy in public, if they’re concerned about being caught during a particularly salacious — if not earnestly romantic — scene.

For those who are concerned about ‘show shame,’ 34 percent check to see if anyone’s noticed, 32 percent pretend like nothing happened, 21 percent turn off the show, while 17 percent cover the screen (thank goodness for headphones).

Granted, Netflix’s survey also reveals some charming facts. For instance, 64 percent of viewers have “laughed out loud to themselves while bingeing in public,” which not only means that we’re comfortable with with laughing out loud in public but also that Netflix’s comedy programming is succeeding.

Apparently, 17 percent of public viewers have cried while watching something on Netflix. Once again, a sign that we’re comfortable expressing emotion in public, and also a sign that that one scene from Orange is the New Black’s fourth season — you know the one I’m talking about — definitely has an effect on viewers.