Every Xbox One X sold in Canada to include free copy of PUBG until December 31

You get a copy of PUBG, and you get a copy of PUBG! Everyone gets a copy of PUBG!

Xbox One X PUBG promotion

Canadian consumers that have been eyeing an Xbox One X now have more incentive to buy Microsoft’s new 4K-capable console.

Starting on Monday, December 18th, through to December 31st, every Xbox One X sold in Canada will include a free copy of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (that’s PUBG, for short, just don’t ask me how to actually pronounce the abbreviation)

The popular battle royale-type came game out of nowhere earlier this year to become one of Steam’s most popular titles. Just today, the game peaked at 2.5 million concurrent players. According to Microsoft, more than 1 million Xbox One users played the game in its first 48 hours of availability on console.

One thing to note is that the Xbox One version currently suffers from framerate issues, which, to be fair, is expected with a game in early release.

Source: Microsoft