Government of Canada grants $31 million to Telus for Eastern Quebec fibre-optic expansion

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Telus has announced that the Government of Canada has granted Telus $31 million to continue working on the expansion of its PureFibre broadband network in Quebec.

Telus says this is in addition to the $13.7 million that it has already invested in this area, plus the $300 million it has invested into expanding the province’s overall fibre-optic network.

With the funds, Telus says 99 percent of eastern Quebec’s residents and businesses will have access to its high-speed internet service by 2021.

“On behalf of the 6,000 members of the Telus team in Quebec, I pledge to make every effort to ensure Quebecers have the best technology solutions at home, at work and on the go,” said François Gratton, Executive Vice-President, Telus Partner Solutions, and President, Business Solutions East and Telus Quebec, in a press statement.

According to Clément Audet, vice-president of consumer market at Telus, the power of fibre will enable 148 communities in Eastern Quebec to connect at speeds “almost 20 times faster than the new standards recommended by the CRTC.”

In a press statement, Audet said that 172 communities already benefit from fibre-optic networks.

Source: Market Wired