Plex aims to be your new music player with Plexamp


Plex, a popular cloud-based media server commonly used to stream downloaded music and video content, wants to be the new Winamp.

Plexamp, the platform’s new music playing app, features a single window and is available directly through Plex Labs, the company’s experimental division focused on employee ‘passion projects.’


Plex’s new music player runs on macOS or Windows and is capable of streaming almost any music format, according to Plex. For those who are fond of old school music visualizers, you’ll also be pleased to learn that Plexamp includes that classic feature.

Other features include normalizing playback from songs on albums, removing playback gaps as well as something that Plex is calling ‘smart transitions’ between songs. The platform also features quick search options to help users comb through their libraries of music.


To me, Plexamp looks like a modern version of Winamp, which as a one-time heavy Napster and Kazaa user, is a blast from the past I can really appreciate. That said, in a world where Spotify and Apple Music are most people’s go-to music streaming platforms, it will be difficult for Plexamp to find an audience.

If you’re interested in checking out Plexamp, you can find it at this link.