Bridge Constructor Portal is available now on iOS and Android

The cake is not a lie, there's a new Portal game

Fans of Valve’s acclaimed Portal series are no doubt cursing the name of the famed studio — what with its notorious tendency to eschew third games in a franchise — but there’s some good news in the interim.

Bridge Constructor Portal — a bridge-building, engineering simulator from Austrian studio ClockStone Software — is available now on Android and iOS.

The game has players construct a variety of bridges and other standing structures as they work their way through a series of puzzles in the Aperture Science testing facility. Along the way, players are guided by the helpful and benevolent artificial intelligence GLaDOS (short for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) who provides advice and gentle words of encouragement.

While the game closely resembles other games in the engineering sim genre (as well as ClockStone’s Bridge Constructor game), the Portal franchise’s unique literary style (and near-constant commentary one the vices of late-stage capitalism) inject a non-existent story with a healthy dose of character and comedy.

Suffice it to say, mindlessly building bridges for a shady corporation has never been so much fun.

Bridge Constructor Portal costs $6.99 CAD and is available on both Android and iOS.