CanCon Podcast Ep. 98: What the hell is going on with cryptocurrency?


Today we have a special episode of the CanCon podcast, investigating the fever dream that has swept Canada and the rest of the world: cryptocurrency. We’ve assembled a special collective of guests, including Jim Orlando (OMERS Ventures), Julia Kassam (NEO Exchange), and Matt Roberts (ScaleUP Ventures) to break down all things cryptocurrency – explaining the basic premise, attempting to explain the rampant interest, and barely conceiving of a world where Dogecoin and CryptoKitties are compelling use cases.

We also discuss the heavy environmental cost of mining, the current Canadian regulatory stance (i.e. cryptocurrencies aren’t actually currencies according to the CSA), and how investors and entrepreneurs are trying to get their cut.

Tune in as CanCon’s podcast crew diversifies its digital currency portfollio.

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Special thanks to TWG for helping make the CanCon Podcast happen!

CanCon Podcast Episode 98 (12/18/17)

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