Netflix now supports HDR with Windows 10 devices via Microsoft’s Edge browser


Netflix has revealed that the streaming video platform now supports high dynamic range (HDR) content on Windows 10 via Microsoft’s Edge browser and the Windows 10 Netflix app.

This means that Netflix content that supports HDR10, which primarily consists of the streaming platform’s original television shows and movies, can now be viewed with high dynamic range enabled, but only on compatible PCs.

In the PC world, it’s still early days when it comes to 4K and HDR10. This means that very few Windows 10 PCs and laptops actually feature HDR.

In a media release, Netflix said that Intel seventh-generation and higher CPUs provide the required processing power needed to play Netflix HDR10 encodes. The streaming company also mentioned that Intel and Nvidia have developed GPUs that utilize 10 bits-per-channel for RGB colour, increasing the colour space that can be displayed.

On Microsoft’s side of the equation, the company added Windows 10 support for this new technology in the operating system’s Fall Creators Update, released in October 2017.

While HDR is the future of high-end displays, the technology is still very confusing right now, especially in the high-end television space where HDR10 and Dolby Vision continue to battle it out in an effort to become the dominant format.

Source: Netflix