Nintendo is reportedly delaying delivery of 64GB game cartridges


Nintendo told game developers it’s delaying the arrival of 64GB game cards for the Switch until 2019, according to sources who spoke with the Wall Street Journal.

The sources said this move brought “slight disappointment” to some developers, since certain larger Switch games, like Doom, can’t fit on a single 32GB cartridge and require users to download additional data. The Switch itself only features 32GB of memory, but its internal storage is expandable through a microSD card. Bigger cartridges reduce the need for microSD cards, potentially saving users money and hassle.

Because of the delay, WSJ‘s sources say those disappointed developers mentioned above “may wait” for the 64GB cartridges to be available before releasing their games.

In September, Nintendo partnered with SanDisk to offer officially licensed microSDXC memory cards in 64GB and 128GB variants.

So far, Nintendo’s Switch, a hybrid portable game console, has been a massive success for the company, selling 10 million consoles worldwide in nine months.

Update 11/28/2017: This story has been updated with additional clarification regarding how larger sized Nintendo Switch titles split data between cartridges and that the system’s internal storage.

Source: Wall Street Journal Via: The Verge