Over 23,000 Canadians used UberPool on New Year’s Eve


Every year, taxis and ride-hailing services are particularly busy on New Year’s Eve, transporting thousands of people to various festivities.

To mark the occasion, Uber has released some statistics regarding service on December 31st:

  • Edmonton riders were the first to call for an Uber; those in Toronto were the latest to hail one
  • At midnight, 1,240 riders were in an Uber
  • The most rides one person took throughout the night was eight, while the most trips by one driver was 15
  • 18,573 riders used the Multiple Stops and/or Split Fare features when travelling
  • 23,527 riders used UberPOOL and shared their rides with others
  • Drivers received $49,346 tips during the evening, with the largest sum being $100
  • UberEATS’ busiest time was 6pm, with hamburgers being the most popular item to order

Uber also announced that it reached its goal of raising one $100,000 in the MADD-partnered fundraising campaign that began last November. The campaign pledged $1 donations to MADD Canada each time riders left a ‘Compliment’ for their driver through the app.