Microsoft officially retires its Groove Music streaming service

Groove Music users switch to Spotify

Microsoft has retired its Groove Music streaming service across all platforms.

Groove Music, which was a rebranding of Microsoft’s Xbox Music in 2015, was scheduled to shut-down on December 31st.

Users can no longer stream music through any of the Groove app or purchase music from the Microsoft Store. Video playback support has also ended. Radio, Explore and Recommended features of the app have similarly been removed.

Local playback features on the app still remain functional, even after the complete shut down. Moreover, the app still supports streaming via OneDrive, which will allows users to play local files across various devices.

Due to Microsoft’s partnership with Spotify, the company is allowing users to seamlessly migrate their content to the platform.

Spotify is available on Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Xbox One, as well as a wide variety of other platforms.

Source: WindowsCentral