Reports emerge that some Samsung Galaxy S8 displays are randomly turning on

Samsung Galaxy S8

Users have found that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is inadvertently waking up.

The reports stem from Samsung’s official Community and Reddit users who have noted, after turning off their display, by pressing the power button or letting the phone go to sleep on its own, the screen turns on for around ten seconds, and then turns back off again.

Oddly enough in the video below the issue occurs even with the phone in a flip case.

According to the reports, this problem happens throughout the day, which causes drain on the device’s battery. It’s unclear how many S8 users are affected by the problem, although it doesn’t seem to be widespread.

The problem could be caused by the use of a third-party charger, or because Smart Stay has been accidentally enabled, though no concrete conclusions have been made. One user reports that after changing to a standard charger, the problem resolved itself.

The issue seems to effect the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + and one users even reports that it’s happening with their Galaxy Note 8.

Randomly waking to lock screen while charging since November update? from GalaxyS8

Samsung has not issued a statement on the matter. We’ve reached out to Samsung Canada for comment and will update this story when we hear back.

Source: Android Authority