Samsung’s Galaxy S9 could launch alongside new ‘Dex Pad’

DeX dock

While we haven’t heard much about DeX lately, it looks like Samsung could be planning to release a new version of the desktop dock called the DeX Pad, according to a recently filed European trademark that was first uncovered by Android Authority.

DeX is a portable dock that lets users turn the Galaxy S8, S8+ or Note 8, into a full-blown desktop computer, complete with apps specifically optimized for desktop. Dropping the phone onto the dock and connecting a mouse and keyboard via USB or Bluetooth, is all that’s required to get the plug-and-play experience up and running.

I used Samsung’s DeX platform for a brief period of time earlier this year and walked away very impressed with the device, though were few apps that took advantage of its desktop functionality at the time.

Nothing is known about the DeX Pad yet beyond its name, but it’s likely set to be more portable than its predecessor, and could be more pod shaped. Perhaps you’ll only need to place the S9 on some sort of pad to activate DeX, rather than plugging the smartphone in directly via USB-C?

One of the first generation DeX Dock’s biggest issues is the accessory’s relatively expensive $149 CAD price tag. If Samsung opted to include the device with all S9’s it’s likely more developers would be inclined to optimize their apps for the platform.

Source: Beebom Via: Android Police