AiMesh adds ‘Mesh Mode’ to many standard Asus routers

asus logo on case

Asus has announced AiMesh, a new router software feature that allows users to create their own mesh network. AiMesh utilizes existing Asus routers, allowing them to switch into ‘Mesh Mode,’ also called ‘Node Mode.’

AiMesh allows users to create a whole-home Wi-Fi system, offering central management and control with the Asus Router mobile app and an AsusWRT web interface.

For those who already own an Asus router, AiMesh is a completely free firmware update. Further, the AiMesh network can be added to older routers, allowing users to mix and match both newer and older routers to create a budget friendly mesh network, according to Asus.

Asus AiMesh network can feature speeds up to 5300Mbps. Users can also create a Wi-Fi network with singular or multiple SSIDs.

Asus has released a list of supported routers that can be found here. The company also mentions that more routers will join the list throughout 2018.

For those who don’t know, a mesh network allows users to utilize multiple physical routers in order to combine and create a stronger and more reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout their entire home.

Google recently released its own mesh network router called Google Wi-Fi. Other companies like Linksys, Asus and a variety of other router manufacturers are also moving into the mesh router space.

Image Credit: MaxPixel