‘Blade Runner 9732’ lets you explore Rick Deckard’s apartment in VR

One of the many great elements of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is the film’s eye-poppingly gorgeous visual design.

With that in mind, super fan Quentin Lengele took it upon himself to recreate an explorable version of protagonist Rick Deckard’s apartment. The PC game, called ‘Blade Runner 9732’ (named after his unit number), is also fully playable with an HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

The virtual apartment sports everything from Deckard’s ESPER photo analysis machine to his armchairs, kitchen appliances and rain-covered balcony.

A free beta version is currently available on Google Drive, while the full version is set to hit Steam on January 7th. It’s worth noting that this is an unofficial and unsanctioned project, so it’s subject to being removed at some point in the future.

Blade Runner VR

In the meantime, though, Lengele says he plans to add more features to the apartment, including Deckard’s flame Rachael.

Hopefully the project can live on and Lengele can create more Blade Runner-related content — wouldn’t it be neat to see Roy Batty’s beautiful “tears in the rain” monologue in VR?

Image credit: IMDB

Via: Engadget