DJI’s new Osmo Mobile 2 smartphone stabilizer will retail for $129 USD

DJI has revealed a new stabilizer for smartphone shooting, the Osmo Mobile 2.

The tool features a number of iterative changes over its predecessor and is set to be significantly less expensive — $129 USD rather than the $299 USD debut price of the first Osmo Mobile (now lowered to $199).

Osmo Mobile 2, like the original, helps users capture shake-free video, giving footage a more professional look, and works with an accompanying DJI Go app.

The new version allows for video shot not only in landscape, but also in portrait mode. Other changes include using just a nylon material, rather than nylon and magnesium alloy, making it lighter than the previous iteration, and DJI has also moved to an internal battery over replaceable ones.

DJI promises up to 15 hours life with the Osmo Mobile 2, which, if true, will be a vast improvement over the 3 to 4.5 hours provided by the first Osmo Mobile’s replaceable batteries.

DJI says the stabilizer will support most popular phones, though it doesn’t mention specific models.

Osmo Mobile 2 is due to launch in February, with pre-orders beginning January 23rd, exclusively through Apple to begin. The company has yet to announce Canadian availability details.

Via: The Verge