LG to show off 65-inch rollable OLED display TV at CES

LG rollable 65-inch OLED TV

If nothing else, CES, the annual tech-focused tradeshow known in long-form as the Consumer Electronics Show, provides onlookers an intriguing sneak peek at the display technologies manufacturers like Samsung and LG are developing.

Case in point: on Saturday, LG Display, LG’s display development and manufacturing subsidiary, announced it will showcase a new rollable display OLED TV at CES 2018.LG's rollable TV rolled up

Building on the 18-inch rollable display the company showed off at CES 2016, LG Display’s new prototype TV measures in at an impressive 65-inches and outputs video at 4K.

Of course, it’s unlikely the company will start manufacturing rollable UHD TVs at scale anytime soon, but that never stopped display manufacturers from showing off their wildest ideas and prototypes at CES before.

LG promises CES attendees will be able to see the TV in person. We’ll see if we can get pictures of it to share.

Via: Engadget