Toronto startup helps Neutrogena develop SkinScanner smartphone-based skincare solution

Neutrogena's SkinScanner tool

Ahead of CES 2018, skin-care brand Neutrogena is announcing a new tool to help users take care of their skin.

The product is comprised of two parts: a mobile app called Skin360 and an accompanying smartphone accessory called SkinScanner, co-developed with the help of Toronto-based startup Fitskin.

The latter looks similar to a Moment Lens case. Users fit it over their smartphone’s main camera, adding a 30x magnification lens, 12 high-powered lights and a variety of advanced sensors.

Working in conjunction with one another, Skin360 and SkinScanner document the size and appearance of pores, as well as the size and depth of fine lines and wrinkles. The two also measure skin moisture.

The Skin360 app then uses this data to compile individual skin scores for pores, lines, wrinkles, moisture and overall skin health. Using these scores, the app then suggests a personalized skincare routine for users.

As with most recent apps of this type, Neutrogena says the Skin360 app will deliver more intelligent and precise advice over time with the help of a machine learning algorithm. Additionally, the app allows users to journal their progress, set skincare goals, as well as compare their results against other users.

According to the company, Skin360 and SkinScanner will be available exclusively via its website, Neutrogena.com, later this year for $49.99 USD. Interested consumers can sign up to get a notification as soon as it’s available.

Source: Johnson and Johnson