GE Appliances unveils new Family Hub 27-inch touchscreen device

GE Appliance's Family Hub

GE Appliance’s new 27-inch touchscreen device sits above the kitchen stove.

The new touchscreen device, called the Family Hub, is capable of controlling smart home gadgets, smart appliances and video feeds from internet connected cameras. Family Hub will also be able to make video calls and look up recipes, according to GE.

GE Appliances' Family Hub

Weirdly enough the Family Hub features two different cameras, one for video chatting and another that faces downwards towards the stove top for Instagramming (yes, you read that correctly).

Family Hub also features an exhaust hood, which makes sense considering it’s designed to sit above the stove. An early model of the Family Hub will be available at CES this week, though don’t expect the final product to ship until the second half of the year.

No pricing has yet to be announced regarding the Family Hub, however, when the Family Hub is first released it will not be available in Canada.

Source: The Verge