Apple offering up to $380 in credit for old iPad trade-ins

9.7-inch iPad Pro

Apple has launched a new iPad trade-in program in Canada, offering up to $380 in credit towards a new iPad for qualifying devices.

Of course the key word in the above sentence is “qualifying devices.”

In terms of estimated value, Apple offers up to $70 for the iPad 2, up to $170 for the iPad Air, up to $240 for the iPad Air 2, and up to $380 for an iPad Pro.

It’s worth noting that unlike past trade-in offers from Apple, this recycle program is powered by Brightstar and not Phobio. Those interested can check out the value of their current iPad through a simple online questionnaire. For example, my first-generation 16GB iPad Mini is worth a grand total of $85, which isn’t actually a bad deal when you consider how old that device is. That said, an iPad 2 in good condition is just worth $70.

Qualifying iPads need to power up and function normally, be in good condition, must be free of liquid damage, the display must work, and finally, all buttons must be operational. All items must also still have a serial number.

Online trade-ins need to be then mailed-in to ensure they qualify for the program. Trade-ins can also be done in-store.

You can learn more about Apple’s trade-up program at this link.