Google Assistant Directory makes it easier to discover actions

Google Assistant

There are now more than one million Actions available through Google Assistant.

It’s impossible for anyone to remember them all, so in an effort to make things easier, Google has launched a new Google Assistant directory on the web that aims to make it easier for users to learn Google Assistant’s capabilities.

Users can find the list in the ‘What it can do’ tab on the Google Assistant website. The Google Assistant Directory displays many category options, such as ‘What’s New’ and ‘What’s Trending,’ which will show Actions for commands like ‘Ask What’s my Quidditch position?’ to learn what Quidditch position you might play, or ‘Talk to Chuck Norris Fact,’ to hear funny facts about Chuck Norris.

There are other categories such as, ‘made for kids,’ ‘food and drink,’ ‘productivity,’ ‘sports,’ ‘music & audio’ and even some that are divided by brand and devices.

The directory can also be accessed on a smartphone by selecting the blue icon. This brings you to the ‘Explore Tab,’ which displays information similar to what’s found on the directory webpage online. The ‘Your Stuff ‘ tab brings up the agenda, reminders, shortcuts and more.

It’s worth noting that because Google Assistant is region specific, I did run into some Actions that didn’t work in Canada, such as the ‘talk to Walmart’ command, or the ‘talk to Capital Club’ command.

Source: Google