Nextbit is shutting down its Smart Storage cloud service on March 1

Nextbit's first and only smartphone, the Robin

In an email sent to Robin smartphone users, Nextbit announced today it will shutdown its Smart Storage cloud service on March 1st, 2018.

Nextbit, which was acquired by Razer last January, marketed Smart Storage as a major feature of the Robin, the first and only smartphone it released as an independent company. Working in conjunction with Nextbit OS, the Robin’s Android skin, Smart Storage would sync apps, images and other data to the cloud. Each Robin came with 100GBs of free online storage.

On March 1st, however, all Robin devices will automatically sign out of the service. Nextbit is advising Robin users to either sync their data with their device, or use its backup tool, available via cloud.nextbit.com, to download an archive of their data before then. The company’s download tool will be available until April 1st, after which Nextbit will delete all user data from its servers.

If you own a Robin, it may be best to retrieve your data before then, however.

On its website, Nextbit has added a pop-up that mentions two additional dates related to its shutdown of Smart Storage.

Nextbit's notice to Robin users

According to the pop-up, the company will shut down its app sync server on January 15th. Additionally, as of February 1st, users will no longer be able to recover their images from the company’s servers.

Given the conflicting nature of all the dates Nextbit has provided, we’ve reached out to Razer, its owner, for clarification. We’ll update this post when we hear back from the two companies.

In short, however, if you own a Robin, it would be best to download and backup your data as soon as possible.

Source: Nextbit, Reddit Via: The Verge