74 percent of Pornhub’s Canadian traffic came from mobile devices in 2017


It’s that special time of year when Pornhub reveals the platform’s year-end statistics, indicating exactly how, when and what type of content Canadians, as well as the rest of the world, consume in terms of pornography over the course of 2017.

Being a Canadian website, we’re of course highlighting Canadian specific stats first. In terms of time spent per visit, Canadians come in at an average of 10 minutes and 10 seconds.

There was also a 662 percent increase in searches for ‘francaise’ porn over the course of 2017. ‘Threesome’ porn also came in strong with searches up 91 percent over last year. Canadians are proportionately 14 percent more likely to view the site’s ‘Lesbian’ category when compared to other countries, and 10 percent more likely to search the ‘Female Friendly’ category, according to Pornhub.

Device distribution is also interesting this year, with mobile continuing to eclipse desktop and tablet by a significant margin. In total, Pornhub received 67 percent of its visits on mobile, 24 percent on desktop and just 9 percent on tablets. In Canada specifically, mobile use comes in at 74 percent. From a search term perspective, while all the expected terms show up, Pornhub’s trending search term data indicates that ‘fidget spinner’ sits in third place, while ‘Rick and Morty’ is in second place and ‘porn for women’ takes first.

In total, Pornhub received on average 81 million visitors per day, with a total of 28.5 billion visitors this year. 14.7 billion searches were performed on the site, which translates to 50,000 searches per minute and 800 searches per second. 4,052,543 video have been uploaded over the course of 2017, amounting to a total of 68 years, 24,811 days and 595,482 hours.

Data transferred comes in at 3,732 petabyes, which amounts to 10,225,205 GB per day, 426,050GB per hour, 7,101 GB per minute and 118 GB per second. According to Pornhub’s estimates, this is enough data to fill the memory of every iPhone current in use around the world.

Source: Pornhub