Google is looking into Android 8.1 Pixel and Pixel 2 lockscreen swiping issue

Android phone with Oreo cookies

While the Android 8.1 update adds new software enhancements to supported devices, it also includes an unwanted lockscreen swiping issue for some users.

Users noted the problem in a thread entitled ‘Android 8.1 Issues’ on Google’s official support site, reporting that swiping up with the Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL, Pixel/Pixel XL and even the Nexus 6P, has become a problem.

For users who want to unlock their device with a PIN/password, they first need to swipe to unlock the display, however, many have noted they have to swipe up multiple times before the screen becomes responsive. Others have noticed it takes multiple attempts to swipe away a notification on the lockscreen, as well.

Answering or rejecting phones calls has also become problematic for some running Android 8.1.

With all that being said, Google product forum community manager Orrin has taken note of the problem. “We are looking into the swipe issues that have been reported. I’m going to be reaching out for bug reports, so please keep an eye out for email.”

Some Reddit users have noted that factory resetting fixes the problem, while another noticed restarting the device in recovery mode fixed the issue. The issue with these fixes is that they might not work for everyone and likely are only temporary.

If you’re experiencing this lockscreen issue with your Android 8.1 smartphone, even if it isn’t a Pixel device, let us know in the comments below. Also let us know if you’ve tried one of the fixes and if it worked for you.

Source: Reddit, Google product forum Via: Android Authority