Notification dots might be making their way to Chrome OS

notification dots

A new line of data within the Chrome code commit was discovered by Chrome Story which possibly indicates that the Chrome operating system (OS) –found on Chromebooks — may also be getting notification dots, though it’s not confirmed yet.

The line of dialogue reads: “ShelfView::OnShelfItemChanged handles update the icons indicator.” Further lines of dialogues include, “Add a notification for the app,” “Pin the app after the notification posts” and “Draws an indicator in the top right corner of the image to represent an active notification.”

Notification dots arrived with Android Oreo last year. The dots appear right near the top right of individuals apps, whenever the user has a notification. Dots appear on any app that can get a notification, like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and any others imaginable.

Source: ChromeStory Via: Android Central 

Image Credit: ChromeStory