Vidéotron increases rates for most of its TV and internet services

Quebec-regional carrier Vidéotron is increasing the price of most of its TV and internet services.

The adjustments range from an additional $0.95 to $8 per customers and will show up on customers’ bills as of March 1st, 2018. The carrier sent out letters early this month to inform customers of the adjustment.

As it stands now, Vidéotron’s lowest internet plan features a 5Mbps download speed and a 25GB cap for $37.95 per month, and the highest offers up to 940Mbps down and unlimited transfer capacity for $144.95 per month. As for TV, 25 basic channels currently costs $25 per month, while the highest end offering is $78.95 per month and includes 30 chosen channels plus two “premium category” choices.

On a web page dedicated to the increase, the carrier writes: “Our prices for TV and Internet service remain competitive. Among other things, the rate changes reflect adjustments of fees incurred by Vidéotron (inflation, exchange rate, increase in the price of materials…).”

It goes on to list the “innovations” that TV and internet customers have at their disposal.

On the TV side, the list includes its Club illico streaming platform, 4K Ultra HD PVRs and terminals and the ability to watch recorded content on any of the TVs in a customer’s house set up with a New Generation Terminal.

As for internet, it lists its Wi-Fi app, a “high-performing hybrid network,” Wi-Fi app and 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology.

Vidéotron says customers with questions should contact customer service, where they will be given “individual attention” on the basis of their specific situation.

Source: Vidéotron