The Galaxy S9 and S9+ get FCC listings

Canadian S9 variants will once again be differentiated with a W in their model number

Comparison of Galaxy S8 and S7

Samsung’s latest pair of flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and S9+, have officially passed FCC certification.

Besides signaling just how close the company is to releasing the S9, the filling reveals both phones’ model numbers.

The S9’s model number is SM-G960, while the Galaxy S9+ is marked with SM-G965 (no surprises there, on either count). Moreover, the Canadian variant of each device once again has an additional ‘W’ at the end of its model number. So, in the case of the S9, the version that carriers here will sell is SM-G960W.

In the past when Samsung shipped Exynos-equipped S7s to Canada, the distinction between U.S. and Canadian Galaxy S-series variants was more significant. Since the Note 7, however, both U.S. and Canadian Samsung flagship smartphones have featured Qualcomm chips.

In addition, the document reveals the carrier frequencies that the two phones will support. In short, the S9 will work with all major carrier bands.

The Galaxy S9's FCC diagram

We also got a look at a vague diagram showing where the FCC label will most likely appear.

The label is interesting insofar as it may corroborate an earlier S9 rumour. Last week, an alleged S9 retail box leaked online, revealing that Samsung’s next smartphone will feature a variable aperture main camera. As Android Authority points out, a Vietnamese publication first published the image of the retail box; the label confirms Samsung is manufacturing the S9 in Vietnam.

In any case, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out everything there is to know about the S9. Samsung mobile head DJ Koh confirmed at CES that his company will announce the Galaxy S9 and S9+ at its annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) keynote. MWC starts on February 26th.

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