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We don’t need to tell you that coding is still one of the most in-demand skills out there, but you may not know that you have multiple options available when it comes to learning how to code. While going to university is certainly a viable choice, there exist resources online that can familiarize you with today’s top coding tools for a fraction of the cost and time commitment, like the Coding 101 Bundle, now on sale for $61 CAD [$49 USD].

Delivering more than 30 hours of training, this eight-course collection will familiarize you with the essentials of top programming languages, like HTML5, Swift, C, and more. Regardless of your experience, you’ll get comfortable working with each language and learn how to apply it to the fields of web and mobile development. You’ll create your own app projects across multiple devices and code side-by-side with instructors, so you can stay on top of your training.

Now, you can get the Coding 101 Bundle on sale for $61 CAD [$49 USD], saving more than 90% off its usual retail price.