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You’ve likely heard of Bitcoin and the booming success it has had now that its value has surged past the $10,000 mark. While many of us missed out on investing in Bitcoin while it was still cheap, there exist other opportunities for making a profit in the cryptocurrency game.

Boasting a $50 billion market cap, Ethereum is expected to be the next Bitcoin, and its value is increasing regularly. The Complete Ethereum (Cryptocurrency) Guide can walk you through turning a profit with it, and it’s on sale for only $12 CAD [$10 USD].

Across 9 lectures, this collection will teach you the essentials behind trading Ethereum. You’ll discover how to make an Ethereum wallet, earn Ethereum via Fosethub, and more. Plus, you’ll have access to your training 24/7, so you can always refer back to it once you’re trading.

Now, you can get the Complete Ethereum (Cryptocurrency) Guide on sale for $12 CAD [$10 USD], saving half-off the usual price.