Ghost Hackers with this Highly Encrypted VPN

Let’s face it: surfing on a public connection might be dangerous, but the convenience is too good to pass up. So, if you’re going to connect at a cafe or hotel, you ought to make sure you’re at least doing it safely with a VPN watching your six. While thousands exist on the market, few VPNs offer the level of coverage that Avira Phantom VPN does, and lifetime plans are on sale for $39.99 for a limited time.

Phantom VPN allows you to surf securely and anonymously by masking your IP and tunneling your traffic through any of 20 secure servers around the globe. It supports the IPv4 and v6 protocols and records absolutely no logs of your activities while you connect up to all your own devices. Phantom even encrypts your communications while shopping and banking through a secure tunnel, so you can surf with true peace of mind.

Now, you can sign up for a lifetime plan to Avira Phantom VPN for only $49 CAD [$40 USD], saving nearly 90% off the usual price.