Android 8.1 will now display the speed of public Wi-Fi networks

Google today announced a new Wi-Fi-related feature addition to Android Oreo.

Moving forward, the latest version of the company’s mobile operating system will display the speed of nearby open Wi-Fi networks before the user joins them.

Network speeds are divided into four categories: ‘Very Fast,’ ‘Fast,’ ‘OK’ and ‘Slow.’

According to Google, Very Fast Wi-Fi networks will allow Android users to stream high-quality videos, while Fast networks will allow them to stream “most” videos. OK networks, meanwhile, are suited for reading webpages, streaming music and using social media.

For obvious reasons — mostly to do with privacy and network security — this feature won’t work with private Wi-Fi networks.

Since going back to Android Nougat with the Essential Phone, one of the features I’ve missed most from Oreo is the operating system’s ability to automatically turn Wi-Fi on when the operating system sees that it’s near a trusted network.

Source: Google (1), (2) Via: The Verge