It looks like Apple’s HomePod voice-activated speaker could be launching soon


If there’s any truth to new speculation, Apple’s voice-activated HomePod speaker is inching closer to a commercial release, at least in the U.S.

To start, the FCC recently approved the HomePod. While the filing doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know about the device, FCC approval is usually an indication that a launch is imminent.

iOS 11.2.5 also includes scene icons that reference Siri being turned off by a speaker, according to code spotted by iHelp BR’s Filipe Esposito. It looks like this code also references multiple voices, which makes sense given the device will likely be shared by an entire household, similar to the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Esposito also says that HomePod users will be able to create ‘scenes’ that disable Siri temporarily.

In late November of last year, Apple delayed the release of the HomePod to early 2018, saying it needed “a little more time before it’s ready for our customers.”

Apple hasn’t revealed when it will release the HomePod in Canada, though the device is expected to come out here at point in 2018.

Source: Twitter (Filipe Esposito) Via: Engadget